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» Quick plug for my new shops

This week I finally opened some shops to sell prints, tshirts, phone cases, and other products featuring my work.  Right now King, and Under Pressure are for sale on Society6 and RedBubble



If you have any suggestions for other sites, please let me know :)  I appreciate feedback

Under Pressure

Do you guys prefer highly watermarked images, or low res images?

Available for sale here


Inspired by the song by Lauren Aquilina 

Available for sale in my Society6 Shop


Finish off the night with a sketch of Luna Lovegood ;)


Spent a few hours drawing a red eastern screech owl in ink. For someone who doesn’t like drawing birds, I draw a lot of birds #owl #sketchbook


I forgot how to use colored pencil apparently xD #sketchbook #flightrising

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Spirals are my favorite dragons in #flightrising #sketchbook

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I doodled a Duncan xD 

I don’t know how to paint skin in CLIP apparently! But his hair came out pretty nice, so I’ve got that at least!

Hopefully I’ll get to doing more yogart soon!  I’m waiting on my bedroom to be finished before I really dig into my summer art projects (though I’m in the middle of something small featuring yogscast tom atm)


If you are a fan of how to train your dragon and have been doing fan art PUT A WATERMARK ON IT, especially if you post to deviantart.

There is a person on dA who steals pictures of nightfurys and REPOSTS them without permission and offers them for sale as prints. They apparently do this all the…

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Princess Bubblegum by MouseyPeach

I wanted to draw a quick thing for myself between working on final projects for school *cough*myanimationstinks *coughcough*

Anyway, been watching Adventure Time lately, so I figured I’d draw my favorite Princess!
Once school is done for the semester I may draw some other characters too :)

Drawn in Photoshop CS6!